Love shayari | Feelings and emotions of love | Hindi shayari

Love shayari | Feelings and emotions of love | Hindi shayari

Love shayari ( Emotions)

Tadapne pe mere na phir tum hansoge...
Kabhi Dil kisi se laga kar to dekho...
Wafaon ki hum se tavakko nahi hai...
Magar ek baar aazma kar to dekho...
Zamane ko apna bana kar to dekha...
Hame bhi tum apna bana kar to dekho...

When we are searching shayari, poems or any other sort of phrase, you might start to look big meaning words to describe tone, feeling and emotions in the shayari of phrase. Feeling and emotions are very similar, however we try to pick up great shayari in hindi language.

Some time its difficult to find shayari that have sadness, dard, pain and love at the same time.
Here are  few lines in hindi shayari that can make you emotional. So Enjoy and don't forget to comment.

Hindi shayari (Shayari in Hindi )

तड़पने पे मेरे न फिर तुम हँसोगे।
कभी दिल किसी से लगा कर तो देखो।
वफाओं की हमसे तवक़्क़ो  नहीं है।
मगर एक बार आज़मा कर तो देखो।
ज़माने को अपना बना कर तो देखा।
हमें भी तुम अपना बना कर तो देखो।


Tavakko : expectation
Wafaon : Faithfulness
Aazmana : to inspect, to review

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